Thursday, November 27, 2008

All (wo)men are equal(ly threatened)

My thoughts and prayers are with rabbi Holtzberg and his family in Mumbai, and with all the other hostages, the victims and their loving ones. Once again it is proven that those who hate Jews never hate only Jews, and that they will always end up killing scores of non-Jews as well. Jews take only the first, second, or third place on the long hate-lists of Jew-haters ( Islamist fanatics, Nazis, white supremacists, etc. ), and whoever cherishes Western values should beware and act when- and wherever Jews are threatened and attacked. As a historian I am not a fan of historical parallels - historical situations are never the same - but I cannot help but remember that six years after Hitler spoke openly about the destruction of the Jews of Europe, in addition to six million Jews tens of millions of other human beings had been killed and murdered. Islamism and other fanatic brands of Islam ( NB: Islamists are sunni Muslims, Ahmadinejad and the members of his regime are shi'ite ) threaten other Muslims, Hindus, Americans and other Westerners just as much as they are a danger for Israel and the Jews.

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