Tuesday, November 04, 2008


Taking leave
Two recent and relevant cartoons by Tom Janssen.

I tend to agree with what Yossi Sarid wrote last week in Ha'Aretz: "Only one state is still interested in McCain's services - Israel. Only Israel insists on continuing to live in a bubble. It is wrong, as usual. Bush was bad for the world and especially for us. America's ongoing wallowing in Iraq and its loss of deterrence power are bad for Israel, which isn't pulling out of anywhere. Israel is staying here, in the Middle East. Bush has forgotten us and the Palestinians. He refused to advance the talks with Syria and ignored - like us - the pan-Arab peace initiative lying on the table since 2002. McCain will be another such friend, whose friendship ensures calamity. Nobody can say what kind of president Obama will be, but at least he has the benefit of the doubt. McCain, on the other hand, does not bring new hope. Not even dubious hope. American Jews, Brooklyn Old Testament Evangelists, don't worry about us. Do us all a favor over there, don't vote for McCain. Let us deal with our critics in the Obama administration by ourselves. " Tomorrow we will know which faulty friend or enigmatic ally Israel will find in the White House from next January onwards. One thing is almost for sure: we can very well do without another eight years of friendship a la George W. Bush's.

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