Sunday, December 28, 2008

Cast Lead

I was amazed when I heard how simply and successfully Israel managed to take Hamas off guard yesterday, and not surprised to see how well planned the operation appeared to be. One thing that has been mentioned more than anything else, I believe, in Israeli media reports on the "Cast Lead" operation ( I wonder who invents the names of such operations and offensives ), is the phrase "lessons of the Second Lebanon War/the Winograd Commission report". Let's hope that those lessons really have been learnt and applied, let's hope that the operations continue to be successful, that civilians will be spared as much as possible, that a ground offensive - if necessary - will be just as succesful as the operations of the last 24 hours, and that Gilad Shalit will return home safe and sound, as soon as possible . One thing is for sure. As arrogant and unsympathetic as Ehud Barak appears to be in the eyes of many, he knows a thing or two about waging war, and he emits self-confidence and professionalism. More than his predecessor, that is for sure ( Hohmah gedolah ).
As for Gilad Shalit: before the Hanukkah holiday started last week our six-year-old son, who is in first grade, received a flyer at school asking Israeli children to put their Hanukkah candles next to the windows - a mitzvah in itself - in order to light Gilad's way home. I think that is a beautiful initiative. This is already Gilad's third Hanukkah in Hamas captivity.

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