Tuesday, December 30, 2008

DBI en Español

I found out through my webstats that this blog was written about in Spanish. This what it says about me: " Bert de Bruin realiza una reflexión distinta, en su actualizado sitio." The following lines ( the parts that were left out in the translationI put between brackets ): I read and hear about worldwide anger and indignation, but (when I see the demonstrations) it seems to me that 80-100% of the demonstrators are Muslim. Not that there is anything wrong with that. I understand that they (have to blow off steam and frustration and to) show solidarity (with their Palestinian brothers and sisters), and what better way to do that than by shouting hate (rhymes) against Israel and(/or) Jews? look like this in Spanish: "He leído y escuchado sobre la indignación y rabia de todo el mundo, pero me parece que el 80-100% de los que reclaman son musulmanes. No hay nada de malo con eso. Entiendo que expresen sus solidaridad y qué mejor manera que hacerlo con odio contra Israel y los judíos". In the same Spanish posting I came across this fascinating and hopeful weblog, written by two friends, one who lives in Gaza city, and another who lives in Sderot, the small town that has become the symbol for Israeli towns that have been terrorized by Hamas-Islamic Jihad rockets. Based on the comments on the blog, I am afraid that few of its readers get the message ( dialogue, mutual understanding, suffering and failing leaders on both sides ) that the two friends appear to convey. As usual, most if not all feedbackers blame only one side of the conflict for all that is going on, failing to understand that empathy for the suffering on 'the other side' does not turn you into less of a supporter or patriot for 'your own side'. On the contrary, our 'supporters' can really mean something for us only if they realize that ordinary Palestinian and Israeli men, women, and children are the ones who pay the price for this superfluous conflict, and that both Palestinians and Israelis have to make changes and compromises in order to achieve livable lives for both peoples.

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