Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A giant step for Palestiniankind

Another important step in the progress and advancement of the Palestinian people has been achieved. Yesterday and today Hamas rockets have reached the zionist city of Beer-Sheva, after a journey of more than 40 kilometers. This morning a zionist school was severely damaged by a Hamas rocket. If only Palestinians tried to reach scientific excellence in fields that might one day have them win Nobel prizes for medicine, physics, etc. ( well, one of them won a Nobel prize for peace, but even though his intentions were not really peaceful, Hamas and other 'resisters' cursed him for what he did to win that prize ). Instead the only truly scientific endeavors undertaken and supported by Hamas and its supporters are aimed at maiming and killing Jews ( and other Israelis ). This is why the laboratory of the Islamic University in Gaza was a legitimate military target for Israel. And don't use the 'argument' that the people of Gaza are the victims of genocide, too busy with surviving, and too poor or too isolated - that's exclusively Israel's fault, after all - to have access to scientific knowledge, to medical supplies and so on. The same technologies, tunnels and funds used to buy, smuggle and produce amazing amounts of weapons can be used to save and improve lives. I hate it when people use Holocaust analogies, but since our enemies love to abuse the Shoah anyway I will say this: during the Holocaust - when Jews were in an incomparably worse, more miserable and lethal situation than the Palestinians have ever been - the main concerns of most Jewish organizations and individuals were to save lives - especially of children - and wherever and whenever possible to improve living conditions, and to preserve human dignity. Jewish armed resistance was aimed mainly at preserving that dignity and never specifically targeted innocent civilians. I feel sorry for the Palestinian civilians, not only for their unnecessary suffering but also and particularly for the fact that their leaders and many if not most of their ( Muslim and other ) 'supporters' abroad are led more by hatred of Israel ( and Jews ) than by concern for those whom they claim to lead and support. If those supporters really cared about the interests of the poor Palestinians, they would have demonstrated when hundreds of Palestinians ( more than in this latest Israeli war against Hamas, including more civilian victims ) were killed during the Hamas-Fatah power struggle of the last two years. Or they would have protested against the continuous rocket attacks, which every sane person knew would eventually lead to a deadly and justified Israeli response. But no, Palestinian victims are only demonstration-worthy when Israel can be pictured as the villain. It goes without saying that for these 'lovers of justice and balance' Israeli ( or Jewish ) victims never ever are protest-worthy. Anyway, as long as launching deadly rockets at Zionist apes and pigs gives Muslims more national pride and satisfaction than inventing a cure against cancer ( or psoriasis, or Alzheimer, or hay fever ), I am afraid that we can forget about true peace between Israel ( or the West ) and the Muslim world.

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