Sunday, December 28, 2008


Since much of the Israel-hatred in the West today is to be found in leftwing and extreme leftwing circles, the most powerful and effective hasbara and anti-anti-Israel information and arguments come from leftwing Zionists and supporters of Israel. Here is a good example, another one is the excellent Engage initiative of David Hirsh and others. Unfortunately 'traditional' hasbara officials and volunteers ( many of whom are pretty or very rightwing ) often ignore, misunderstand or simply dislike and attack people like David Hirsh, something which I witnessed last year at a conference on Anti-Semitism, organized by the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Jerusalem, where Hirsh was verbally forced onto the defensive, basically for simply mentioning the occupation as something that hurts Israels interests and hasbara efforts ( if ever there was a truism...).

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