Thursday, December 04, 2008

New: Sponsored posting

The previous posting is the first one ever on this blog that was sponsored. Many times I received requests or offers to put advertisements on DBI, but earning anything from them was always virtually impossible or very complicated. Today Oh!Nuts sent me a mail asking if I was willing to place a posting - they provide ready-made postings if you want - about their products on my site, and offered me a direct and immediate compensation, in the form of a gift certificate for their shop or for Amazon. Being both a sweet-tooth and an avid reader I immediately sent them a positive response, et voila, you can see the result below. So click on the links and buy your sweet and kosher Hanukkah/Christmas gifts etc. at Oh!Nuts, while I think about the books or the chocolate/almonds/peanuts etc. that I will be buying.

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