Tuesday, December 30, 2008

War on Hamas - Israeli blogs in English

The following I just posted on Poligazette. If I had the time and patience I would sit down and write an extensive analysis or comment on all that is going on in and around Gaza, but sorry, I have neither time nor patience for any of that. I really have to work, and the little spare time that I have I try to spend with my wife and kids. Our two eldest children definitely have a clue about what is going on, we do not watch the news when they are around but they know that there is a war being fought in Gaza and southern Israel; right now that war does not affect our daily lives very much, but they are old enough to remember how the last Lebanon war started ( they were seven and three years old then ). Our 'bunker' ( 'Mamad', a protective room inside the house ) is ready, just in case. The chances of Hezbollah trying to join the party are very small, but you never know. Anyway, I sit at home, follow the news online and by radio and television, and do my work, taking in account that there might be a very slight chance that I will have to take a break from work, like I did in the summer of 2006. The four of us - my wife was pregnant then, now there are five of us - spent five weeks in Holland that summer. That break was one of the reasons why only now I am in the very final stages of writing my PhD thesis. If you want to read what Israelis who blog in English have to say about the current situation, I would recommend - besides, obviously ;-), my own blog, Dutchblog Israel, where I post unedited, less balanced than usual observations whenever I feel the need and find the time - the following four weblogs. None of their authors is fanatic or extremist, all of them are Zionists, some of them are left of center ( just like me ). There are many other Israeli bloggers who write in English, but these four I read myself on a more or less regular basis, I like their writing and know that they post regularly. I am not familiar enough with Palestinian or other Arab blogs in English to recommend any of them.
Unfortunately one of the best Israeli-bloggers-in-English, On the Face's Lisa, hardly blogs anymore, probably because she is too busy doing something else that she is very good at, being a journalist.

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