Thursday, January 08, 2009

Courtesy of the BBC

What follows is an invitation ( posted with permission ) that a radio editor of the BBC Worldservice sent me this morning, and the response that I sent him. He just mailed me to tell me that, if it's o.k with me, that response will be read out on air. That is o.k. with me.
PS: Today's program can be listened to here. I have heard only the first seven minutes, the rest will have to wait for tomorrow or the weekend. I just would like to know whether my words were read out or not. At least two other bloggers whom I know declined the invitation as well, basically for the same reason that led me to my swift decision, which, from what I have heard until now, I understand was a wise one. Hello Tom, The title of your show tonight is more than enough reason for me not to participate. The mere suggestion that Israel right now is doing what it wants, and that it wants what is being done, is ridiculous. I do not see any reason why I should add anything to a show when its tone is already determined by its title. Therefore, with all due respect, I decided to decline your kind invitation, even though I am available tonight. Yours, Bert de Bruin Northern Israel -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello, I'm editing a radio programme tonight on Gaza. It's an hour-long show with callers from around the world taking part and I wondered whether you wanted to be involved. The title tonight is: Should Israel be allowed to do what it wants? If you're available anytime between 1800-1900GMT tonight please send me your tel no and we can talk further. Thanks Tom

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