Monday, January 26, 2009

Laughing Horses

Mikis Theodorakis is living proof of the fact that you can be a wonderful artist and an anti-Semite at the same time. Richard Wagner is dead proof of the same fact. For three or four days I have been humming the melody of Theodorakis' song To Gelasto ( or Yelasto ) Paedi ( The Laughing Boy ), after I heard it ( for the umpteenth time ) on one of the SKY albums that I have on CD. A 50-year old YouTube user named MitchyLR from the UK made this video to SKY's rendition of the song. As one visitor of the website notices, the combination of horses and this melody works very well. On You Tube you can also find several beautiful versions of the original song, at least two of them sung by Maria Farantouri, under the direction of Theodorakis himself ( click here and here ). To get an idea of the original lyrics click here. No horses there.
By the way, it is interesting to notice that in the past weeks ( and years ) expressions of hatred against Israel ( and, in the case of at least one of the three countries, against Jews ) were seen and heard particularly in countries which in their recent past were ruled by fascist regimes, and in which the extreme right and the extreme left still are very strong: Spain, Turkey, and Greece.

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