Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Election Day

Google Israel designed this special logo for election day. This morning I volunteered for the Labor Party near one of the polling stations in the city where we live. Based on the responses that I got, and on the voters that I saw, and based on the impressions of my wife and others who worked in or near other polling stations in the city, I would say that Israel Our Home ( or rather 'Lamed', for Lieberman, Avigdor 'Evet' Lieberman ) will win even more than the polls predicted. At least 40% of the voters who came were Russian immigrants, and virtually all of them gave the impression that they were going to vote for 'their' candidate. Most of them do not seem to know or care who is the number 2,3,4 etc. of Lieberman's list. Also, they hardly have any idea what the man stands for, besides his fierce and often racist opposition to Arab Israelis ( and in particular to their representatives in the Knesset ).

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