Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Exit polls

If two of the three exit polls are right, Tzippi Livni achieved something that would have been considered unbelievable a few days ago. Also, Avigdor Lieberman won less than expected, and much less than I feared after I spent three hours near one of the local voting stations this morning. If the polls of Channel 2 and Channel 10 are right, Livni and Nethanyahu can build a broad and pretty stable coalition ( with Shas, and possibly Lieberman ), if they want. The Labor party crashed, that is for sure, and Ehud Barak will probably not remain Defense Minister, which I think is a shame. One of my biggest fears is of Israel facing Iran ( alone ) with Avigdor Lieberman as Defense Minister. According to the website of the Knesset, the man finished his army service as a corporal, which means that he even would have to salute me ( sergeant ( res. ) :-) ). I really hope that this country learnt one of the lessons of the latest Lebanon War, when Amir Peretz ( does anyone remember him? He probably made it into the 18th Knesset, but not exactly because of his outstanding performance three years ago ) occupied that vital post. With the results being so close, I expect a night like the one 13 years ago, when we went to bed with Shimon Peres as the probable PM-elect, only to wake up and discover that Binyamin Nethanyahu ( who again has proven unable to lead the Likud to a convincing, all-out victory ) had won.

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