Friday, March 13, 2009

Missing the point - Hitting the target

Normally I tend to agree with most of what Yair Lapid writes. In this piece, though, I think that he does not really make a good point. It would be wonderful if the people of Gaza succeed in using the Western donors' billions to properly rebuild their lives and their destroyed piece of land. I want a political solution to the conflict just as much as anybody else ( who is reasonable and understands that there is no military solution ). But if, after the hospitals, schools, houses etc. are finished, Hamas or any other terror organization chooses to use those buildings to fire rockets, bullets and mortar grenades in the direction of Israel and Israelis ( which would also mean that the donor countries choose not to have any real control of what their money is actually used for and done with ), I am sure Israel will not hesitate to respond. And I am doubtful whether, if Israel decides that a building has become a legitimate military target, its army and airforce will not refrain from hitting it only because of the target's donor's identity. After all, as long as organizations like Hamas and Hezbollah and their puppet masters still believe - not unlike, mutatis mutandis, our own fanatics - that there is a military solution to the conflict, I am afraid that for its own security Israel will rely more on its army and security forces than on the good intentions of the Palestinians or their generous donors.

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