Tuesday, March 31, 2009


It was both hilarious and very sad to see that while the outgoing and incoming prime minister, and the new head of the opposition, were making their last and first speeches in the Knesset, on live television, in the left upper corner of the screen we could see a clock counting down to the real important event of today: the final of the first edition of Big Brother VIP, a program that - even more than its NVIP version - proves once again that it is wrong to believe that a country ( and its television culture ) cannot sink any lower. What worries me the most is that, without following the show ( unlike the Israeli version of Survivor: we record its second edition for our almost-ten-year-old daughter, it is the only reality show that we allow her to watch ), I already know all the ( stupid, evil, shallow, unimpressive ) characters. Tomorrow an article - sorry, in Dutch - about the new Israeli cabinet will be posted here, it appeared in today's edtion of the Friesch Dagblad.

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