Sunday, May 10, 2009


You might have noticed that lately most if not all postings on this blog contained other people's pictures and videos ( some of them very beautiful ). This will continue for another while, I am afraid, I do not have time to write anything worth posting. While I am finally finishing my PhD thesis I am also preparing a new book project, quite ambitious, one that will take about 18 months to finish and deals with the peace process. Right now I try to raise funds for that project. If you happen to be able and willing to help me finance such a project ( or if you know an individual, organization or company that might be interested in sponsoring it ), send me a mail and I can give you more details. I promise you that - if I manage to arrange the financial side of the project - the book will be extremely interesting, and probably very newsworthy. It goes without saying that every sponsor will receive a copy of the book ( or more, depending on the kind and size of the sponsorship ), plus regular updates ( probably in the form of a newsletter, maybe podcasts ) during the research and writing process. Several types of Quid Pro Quo can be discussed.

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