Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Mr President

While my wife and our two eldest children enjoy the fireworks and shows near our local city hall, our youngest son is sound asleep. I just watched a Southpark episode while I had a sandwich with chocolate sprinkles ( my parents sent a box with toys and sweets for their eldest granddaughter's birthday: her regular birthday was on Yom HaShoah, the Hebrew date of her birthday is on Yom Ha'Atsma'ut ). After that I watched the last part of the official Independence Day ceremony in Jerusalem, and the news bulletin on Channel 2. That bulletin included an interview, by Dana Weiss, with who is probably the living person whom I admire the most, Shimon Peres ( 85 years old, may he live many more years in good health ). The words with which the President ended the interview are worth quoting here: "Pessimists and optimists die the same way, so it's worthwhile to be an optimist."

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