Monday, July 27, 2009

In G'd we trust

It does not really matter whether a thief, a rapist, a murderer or another criminal is religious or not. Still, it is almost impossible not to notice a large number of yarmulkes - in all sizes and shapes - when you watch the news here and reports are shown from courtrooms and police stations. Many of the criminals appear not to have a religious background, it might be that they pretend to be religious to receive certain benefits in prison, or to impress the judges and the ( television ) viewers, I do not know. Nevertheless, religious Israelis are not holier than secular ones, and I doubt if they are less criminal. Recently we have witnessed way too many cases of ultra-orthodox Jews - in- and outside of the Jewish state - who - allegedly - became involved in very serious crimes, including money laundering and child abuse. Why do I mention this? Because of this ridiculous proposal. How on earth can money 'reflect the Jewish character' of this state? By having "We believe in G'd" printed on the shekels does Israel become more Jewish? What does that mean, that non-believers should not touch the money? Why not have "Thou shall not steal/murder/curse/etc./etc." written on every bill and coin? Maybe that way cases such as this one will not return over and over again. Would you not expect a believer to have at least one extra reason to behave according to the law? Again, do not get me wrong, you do not have to wear a kippa to be a crook.But sometimes it helps, apparently.

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