Tuesday, July 14, 2009

This and that

  • The new Peace Now campaign is very much in line with my approach of the occupation and the settlements: of course, they are unjust and wrong, and hurt the Palestinians - in themselves reasons enough to oppose Israel's policies in the Westbank - but they also ( or: particularly ) hurt us, in oh so many ways. Just imagine what Israel ( and Palestine ) could have looked and been like if those $25 billion ( I have also heard other, lower and higher, estimates of the costs of the occupation and all that it entails, but in any case we are talking about an enormous amount of money ) had been invested in Israel's ( Jewish and Arab! ) education, infrastructures, health services, environment, etc. etc. etc. And add to that the economical, political, diplomatic, and military pluses that a non-occupying Jewish state would gain. Well, we are still allowed to dream, aren't we?
  • Whenever you think that some of this country's 'leaders' cannot get any dumber, you will be suprised. Here is the opinion of someone else who believes that the plan of ( Welcome to ) Yisrael Katz is ridoculous.
  • This hurts, mainly because so much if not all of what Ilan Gal says is true, I suppose.

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