Friday, September 18, 2009

Google translate

I am afraid that you will have to learn Dutch if you want to understand the previous posting, an article - about President Obama's Mid-East policy - that I wrote for the Dutch daily Friesch Dagblad. When I received a mail from the people at Medium4you, to tell me that they had posted the article on their - Belgian - website, I had a look and clicked on the Google translate - English link. While I am surpised that some sentences come out pretty well ( one of them, a translation of an English original, was identical to the original: "Not this time, not now" ), I discovered that the English 'translation' gives some interesting new interpretations of what I intended to say. A few examples:
  • Hillary Clinton has long been, and George Mitchell and other official delegates of Obama are regulars in the various capitals in the region. In the background is by diplomats and others worked hard. Harder and more serious than under Obama's pastor, that's for sure.
  • Many of the known versjteerders have to paint the Americans, and attract all too often openly or secretly a long nose towards Washington.
  • Jerusalem sits in the most nationalist government that Israel has ever known.
  • You would think that Obama is now Israel should have made clear that no international aid (not just against Iran but also against Hamas and UN reports) and gain sympathy while the middle to hail the international community by colonization blandly to continue, in whatever form.
  • Last week the U.S. president was a wonderful speech in Congress, his plans for the national health system (finally) to reform.

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