Saturday, September 26, 2009

Shlomo Artzi - Moon

Music & Lyrics: Shlomo Artzi
Apart from a few very short folk songs, this was the first real song in Hebrew that I fully understood, from my first CD ( not cassette ) in Hebrew that I ever bought. I learnt the song in 1992, while I did the summer ulpan at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. If ever you want to learn Hebrew fast and well ( when you have a little basic knowledge of the language ), try that intensive ulpan. Within two months I went from knowing a few phrases but being unable/afraid to speak, to speaking almost fluently. Right after that I continued ulpan at the university, and four or five months after my arrival in the country I had about 70% of the language skills that I have today ( I speak, understand, read and write Hebrew fluently ). The fact that I lived in a kibbutz and worked a lot with children and old women also helped, I must admit.

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