Monday, September 07, 2009

They ( and we ) deserve more than this

As much as I think that Israel should have ( better ) leaders, some countries are even worse off than we are. I really feel sorry for the Iranians. What else but pity and sympathy can you feel for the people of a country in which ' universities' are ruled by angry bearded fanatics, and where being an internationally wanted terrorist does not disqualify you for a senior minister's post ( au contraire ), while once having been photographed next to an ( Arab- ) Israeli minister does? If the people of Iran had honestly elected those fanatics maybe we could say "They got what they deserve", but after the latest elections I do not think it would be fair to believe and say that anymore. Just as I do not believe that the people of Gaza get what they deserve: a majority of them voted to have Hamas in the government, but not for Hamas to take brutal and total control of their lives.

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