Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Nobel-esse oblige

Amos Oz has been a leading candidate for the Nobel prize for literature for several years now. Maybe if we just stopped calling him a candidate he might win the prize one day. He certainly deserves the prize, and winning it would in a way enhance the weight of his - often very wise - words ( how many 'w's can you use in one sentence? ). I am not particularly fond of articles such as this one, and prefer to wait until the actual winners of the Nobel prizes are announced. One thing is for sure, every year since I wrote this article for the Jerusalem Report, the article's main point ( there is a direct link between a country's openness, freedom and hospitality on the one hand, and its prosperity and scientific excellence on the other ) has been proven to hold true: every year many if not most of the winners are immigrants or immigrants' (grand-grand-etc.-) children.

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