Thursday, November 26, 2009


In December 1991, a little less than a month after Freddie Mercury died of AIDS, I went to Israel for about a week, to make arrangements for what was supposed to be a year's stay in the country, during the academic year 1992 - 1993. I did not know then that that year's stay would last more than 17 years. I remember that in that week, the musician/artist's death was still one of the hottest conversation topics among volunteers and the other residents of my kibbutz. This was Kibbutz Kissufim, where I had spent one month in the summer of 1991 and would live for about 16 months from June 1992 onwards.
By the way, as funny as this tribute by the Muppets is, I prefer the original. And I wonder: was Bismillah... left out on purpose?

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