Monday, January 25, 2010


And yet again will the Holocaust - i.e. the memory of its victims - be abused by Israeli politicians. From Yuli Edelstein, Avigdor Lieberman, and Binyamin Nethanyahu ( whose recent cheap and populist verbal attack against immigrants - as if they are to blame for all our sorrows - wiped away much of the PR goodwill that was created by the excellent work of some of Israel's finest in Haiti; by the way, I think it is unfair, unlogical and unwise to bring Haiti children here as long as you intend to deport Israeli-born, Hebrew speaking children whose parents are illegal immigrants ) I did not expect anything different, but I am particularly disappointed by the fact that Shimon Peres once again agreed to play the role of Dr Jekyll for Bibi's Mr Hyde-non-policies, instead of using his stature to try and make a change, no matter how minimal. Don't get me wrong, I do believe that the Goldstone report is biased and very unhelpful, but we do not need the Holocaust to make that point, do we? As long as Israel believes that only the other side is/sides are to blame for the current situation, that the status quo is in our interest, that only the Palestinians have to change their ways and to pay a price for peace, that you can fight boycott-attempts against Israeli academia by labeling a college in occupied territory a university, and that you can fool all people - in Israel and abroad - all the time, the swamp in which we find ourselves will become just messier and messier. No PR-efforts can indefinitively mask a total lack of vision, courage, and content.

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