Sunday, April 11, 2010

Binem Heller - Mayn Shvester Khayele

I already wrote about this song more than once on this blog ( click here and here ). It does not stop moving me, every time that I listen to it or sing it silently, I get tears in my eyes. Here you can read the lyrics + translation, and maybe understand why I find it so beautiful, sad, and authentic. The video of Chava Alberstein singing the song with the Klezmatics still can not be embedded, but someone downloaded the song from the CD The Well ( Recommended!!! ) to YouTube, and it can be embedded, so here it is.
This evening I did something that normally I do not have the patience for: I sat for more than an hour and watched a whole television program. Shlomo Artzi and Yair Lapid, one of Israel's most popular singers and a highly successful journalist-writer, both sons of famous fathers who were Holocaust survivors, talked about their parents, their parental homes, and their shared and different histories.

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