Sunday, April 25, 2010

Please watch (and invite others to do the same)

Israel's Minister of the Interior Eli Yishay - who I believe is partly or maybe even largely responsible for the fact that Shas has turned more and more from a dovish, traditional-orthodox party into an ultra-ultra-orthodox nationalist-rightwing one - is convinced that legal and illegal foreign workers and their children ( many of whom were born here and have Hebrew as their L1 ) are our main enemy, a much more dangerous threat than corruption, social and ethnic tensions, xenophobia, religious and political extremism, the lack of education among too many Israeli youngsters, and - I almost forgot - countries and organizations like Iran, Hezbollah, Syria etc. He and his cronies have made the war against foreign workers and their children a focus point in their fight against anything that they consider un-Jewish or unbecoming for the Jewish state. Several Israeli politicians, activists, intellectuals and artists, who - like me - define Jewish values slightly different ly than rabbi Yishay, have made a videoclip, together with some of these children. The song is called "My home (is) your home" and it was made "for 1,200 children of labor immigrants" whose status is undefined and/or who are threatened with being deported from Israel. Those who posted the clip on YouTube want to reach as high a number of viewers as possible. If you are sympathetic to their cause, as I am, please bring this video to the attention of your friends, family, and acquaintances, through Facebook, Hyves etc. etc.

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