Tuesday, April 06, 2010


Like most Jewish holidays, Passover is mainly about remembrance. This is why I do not understand how Shimon Peres can say: "I believe that Passover this year was the best the people have known in recent times. Never has there been such a flourishing concentration of Jews, close to 7 million, as there is today. Never have we had such security capacity with IDF at the center as we do today." Correct me if I am wrong, but wasn't it this kind of arrogance, and such feelings of virtual security, that brought the Yom Kippur War on Israel 37 years ago? I am afraid that King Abdullah of Jordan has a much more realistic and intelligent view on the situation than our own President - whom I consider to be a wise and brave man - when he says that if Jerusalem's current (non-)policy continues, Israel's long-term future might be in danger. I would advise Bibi to start listening to and cooperating with friends like - yes! - Obama and Clinton and allies like - yes! - Abdullah and - for the time being - Mubarak, rather than to /with our own worst enemies ( Lieberman, Yishay, Melamed etc. etc. ).

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