Thursday, April 08, 2010

Some interesting opinions

If you really care about Israel and Zionism and you are not extremely-leftwing, self-hating, rightwing, overly religious and/or ultra-nationalistic, these are quite frustrating times. That I write so little about Israeli and regional politics - either in Dutch or English - is only partly because I simply lack the time, it is also because I just don't feel like writing about things that anger, sadden, and frustrate me too much, and because I often just don't know what to write. Many of the articles that I have written in Dutch have a certain - often quite some - hasbara-content, but with what is going on over here today I find it hard to either explain and excuse or to propagate anything in a whole-hearted and convincing manner. Instead of writing something myself, today I refer here to a number of recent online articles that I found particularly interesting, convincing, etc. You probably won't be surprised if I say that most of these articles are highly critical of Bibi, Barak, Lieberman, and their clowns and cronies. The names of the authors in the list, in random order, will lead you to their articles. Apart from the first one, these are all opinion articles.

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