Thursday, May 06, 2010


A few remarks about this investigation: 1) If all the accusations are true ( and at least most of them probably are, in one way or another ), they really appear to be a stain on Mr Goldstone's past. I doubt, though, if his 'bosses' at the UN did not know about all this, the information obviously is not new. 2) I seriously doubt if this was an independent journalistic investigation. It seems that somehow the Foreign Ministry and several politicians received its findings long before the public - informing which normally should be Yedioth Aharonoth's main concern - got them. 3) I am definitely not a fan of the Goldstone report, I think it was very flawed and utterly biased. 4) Still, I am neither convinced by this rather lame PR-counterattack. As I have said so often, Israel should worry about but not merely react and respond to what others do and say, the country should decide for itself what it wants and needs, and start acting accordingly in a proactive manner. Shooting messengers - no matter whether they are friends, enemies, or something in between - over and over again will not solve our (PR-related and other) troubles. 5 ( last and certainly not least ) The Foreign Ministry apparently forgets to mention, or does not want to be remembered of the fact, that - as far as I am aware and remember - Israel was on more than one occasion, and even during South Africa's darkest days, a staunch and active ally and partner of the Apartheid regime. So don't be surprised if this PR-effort is somehow going to backfire. By the way, it is slightly ironic that davka our Foreign Minister and his deputy, who both belong to a party that often has been labeled as racist ( anti-Arab ), are Mr Goldstone's main accusers. I would almost say that it takes two to know one.

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