Monday, May 31, 2010

Ron Ben-Yishai

With chaotic and violent events such as the one that took place near the shores of Gaza today, it is very hard to establish facts. That is why I cannot guarantee the total accurateness of what Ron Ben-Yishai writes here. But as far as I am aware, he is not a sensationalist, his insights are mostly interesting and useful, and his sources and reports are usually reliable.


Minispace said...

Another fine mess ... Als een olifant in een porceleinkast. Hamas viert feest, wat interesseert die gasten een paar dode turken. Oh dear.

Jonathan Edelstein said...

It's quite likely that the "activists" on the ship did attack first. Even if so, this was a stupid overreaction which played right into the hands of Israel's enemies. Boarding a civilian ship in international waters isn't going to play well regardless of who struck the first blow. This government surpasses all others in its ability to damage its own country.

Bert said...

You're absolutely right, Jonathan. Self-destruction seems to be Israel's most developed quality these days.