Friday, May 07, 2010

Who's in favor?

In this article you can see how twisted the vision of some of us is when they view whether someone ( or a party, a country, and so on ) is 'pro-Israel' or 'anti-Israel', a friend or a foe. I agree that Jenny Tonge is anti-Israel, but I am not sure the LibDem party as such is an enemy of the Jewish state. What is more interesting - and more relevant, since the Lib-Dem can at the most have only an indirect impact on British foreign policy - is to see what the article's author views as proof of an anti-Israel attitude. Pleading in favor of banning exports from the settlements to the EU has nothing to do with being anti-Israel. On the contrary, I would almost say. I consider myself very much pro-Israel ( I chose to come and live and raise my family here, didn't I? ), but like Gordon Brown I absolutely oppose Israel's settlement policies. I am against the occupation, not because I believe even for one minute that evacuating the settlements and the establishment will end 'the' conflict, but because I am convinced that the occupation hurts (and weakens, and eventually might even destroy) Israel ( politically, morally, economically, socially, militarily ) almost more than it hurts the Palestinians. I welcome the criticism of any outsider who expresses his/her opposition to the occupation AND his/her support for Israel and for a two-state-outcome of the conflict. Criticism of Israel's policies in East-Jerusalem, mentioned as 'proof' of David Cameron being not entirely pro-Israel, also is not exactly a reason to doubt that man's attitude towards us. As I have said over and over again: as long as we keep on declaring kosher only those who (claim they) really love the way we sing and who sing with us, and treife everyone who dares to say that there are a few things that we might - or heaven forbid, should - do differently, and as long as we do not decide for ourselves what kind of state we want, we will not be truly independent, we will have to look forward anxiously to elections in foreign countries to see and decide whether the outcome will be good or bad for 'the Jews', and our fate will be decided by others, many of whom are definitely not on our side.

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