Tuesday, June 01, 2010

100% success

Either this guy is terribly dumb (which is not the case), or he has a sick sense of humor (which I doubt), or he has a very warped perception of reality. If he believes or suggests that Israel's totally failed handling of the boat crisis yesterday contained even one percent of success for our side, he deserves the stupid-overstatement-of-the-year award.
I did not really want to write about that disaster ( a disaster in oh so many ways ), but just after midnight, on the First Channel, I heard and saw a senior military analyst give a very good analysis of all the mistakes that were made in the operation. I wanted to mention some of those points on my blog this morning, when I saw that the analyst, Reuven Pedatzur, already had written an article that contains his criticism. You can read it here in English. Yossi Sarid also wrote a biting comment, very true, though a friend of mine wrote to me that there are far more than seven idiots in the cabinet and in charge. Also, Ari Shavit points out how much progress Israel has made since 2006: "During the 2006 war in Lebanon I concluded that my 15-year-old daughter could have conducted it more wisely than the Olmert-Peretz government. [...] Today it's clear to me that my 6-year-old son could do much better than our current government."

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heb said...

Like many other "armchair generals" the critique is unfounded. For example, one claims that teargas should have been used. He obviously missed the fact that numerous gas masks were found on board.

Then somebody claims the flotilla should have been allowed to pass and that would have been the end of it. The problem is that allowing these "aid" ships to reach Gaza is something that was already tried in the past. The result? This much larger flotilla...

Eventually, after learning that they won't be searched or stopped, such ships would be used to run ammunitions and weapons.

The fact remains that this fracas was unavoidable because this is what the organizers of the flotilla wanted!