Thursday, June 03, 2010

Just Roo It

I was pleasantly surprised (and - as strange as that may sound, or is - I felt slightly proud) to hear that the soundtrack for the commercial made by Nike for the World Championship Soccer is no other than Hocus Pocus, by the Dutch band Focus. About thirty years ago - quite a while after the original band had broken up - my brother introduced me to Focus' music, and until this very day every once in a while I enjoy listening to Thijs van Leer, Jan Akkerman and the other band members.


Tal said...

I also noticed and it made my feel proud too. I am a fan too, not particularly of Focus though, but of the late sixties, early seventees (progressive) rock music.

Quite a while ago I have been in touch with one of the new Focus members, by e-mail to discuss a possibility to come to Israel for a concert. He wrote that they would love to. I didn't make a follow-up yet to their (English) manager though.

Bert said...

As I said, when I was a kid my brother - who was and still is very much into guitar music - introduced me to Focus, and to other bands and artists ( ELO, Supertramp, Camel, Pat Metheny, Harry Sacksioni, Pink Floyd - which I do not care much for -, etc. Later I have developed more of a taste of my own.

I'm not very much of a concert goer, though. I think the last time that went to one was about three years ago, a concert by Idan Raichel for Intel employees (one of whom is a very good friend of ours, who knew I love the IR Project).

Lars Shalom said...

prog?? goos tuff