Monday, July 12, 2010

After all, the octopus was right

Doesn't the fact that I honestly did not know that the song that I posted here earlier is an Israeli parody of an English original, prove that as much as I have written about the soccer world championship lately - it was impossible to ignore it, I am afraid - I don't know anything about that sport?
We just returned from Haifa, where my son and a friend of ours watched the game in a pub-restaurant with several other Dutch and Israeli fans of the Orange team. After the national anthems - my favorite part of each game, especially when two teams with such beautiful anthems as the Dutch and the Spanish face each other - I went several hundred meters down the street, to sit in a pizzeria where there wasn't any t.v. screen. I had pizza and a coke, and finished quite a good booklet in Dutch. Towards the end of the regular time I went back to the restaurant, where I watched the last part of the game, including the winning goal. Our son was almost crying, but when I surprised him by telling that next month we will go to Holland for a week - only today my wife and I arranged the tickets, a bed & breakfast, and a rental car - he forgot about Holland's loss, and smiled from ear to ear. Apparently it is better to have lost and to travel, than not to travel at all.


J. P. van de Giessen said...

Ja, uiteindelijk het is alleen maar een spel.

Maar we zijn in Nederland nu wel van die vervelden vuvuzela's af. Wat een rust ;)

Bert said...

Die krengen zijn ook hier doorgedrongen. Ik moest ook de hele tijd aan Freek de Jonge - of You van 't Hek, daar wil ik af wezen - denken: "Ach, 't is maar een spelletje!" :-)

Dana said...

i love how children are so changeable. One second the world is about to end, and the next second it is full of opportunities and a future!

EJ said...

The Dutch beer brand Bavaria had a funny advertisement in the newspaper, where they referred to Octopus Paul.


It says Bavaria thanks Orange. And Octopus Paul too.

Funny al this superstition. Reminds me about this joke.

I'm going to Lourdes for the 13th time this year. Glad that I'm not superstitious. ;-)

Freidenker said...

I gotta say - and you as a Dutchman ought to know, I'm pretty sure there's a bit in the Dutch anthem that speaks of loyalty to the Spanish monarch or somesuch - I'm probably distorting like hell, but I ain't Dutch.

Anyhow, I found it somehow amusing that in that case - the Spanish would not be able to lose anyway, since the Dutch are basically pledging allegiance to Spain :-P

It's funny even if I'm wrong.

Bert said...

Or you could look at it in another way, as some commentators did, refering to Johan Cruyff's (and Frank Rijkaard's, Louis Van Gaal's ) influence on FC Barcelona, and on Barcelona's influence on Spanish football: Dutch soccer would have won anyway.

(I'm only quoting or paraphrasing other people's wisdom, I know as much about football as I do about the stock market, or Chinese foreign policy, or the mating rituals of fruitflies ).