Saturday, July 03, 2010

Play ball

Could it be that the referees who participate in the FIFA World Cup 2010 had an instructive session with John Cleese before the tournament started? Every now and then their decisions seem to be confused and confusing. Let's hope they will be in good shape this Tuesday, when the Dutch team is playing Uruguay, in the first semi-final. I watched the game against Brasil yesterday with our two eldest children, a good friend of ours, and a group of Dutchmen and -women, in a restaurant in Haifa. I must say that the excitement was addictive, in the last ten minutes even I was seriously following what was going on on the field, really hoping that the Dutch squad would hold on to the 2-1 advantage. If only because if Brasil had scored one more goal, the game would have lasted for at least thirty more minutes. I understood from those who know more about football than I do ( which includes our 7-year-old son, and probably also his 3-year-old brother ) that the Dutch played pretty well. The only thing that I was able to figure out on my own was that the Brasilian players and their coach were not very good sports.

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