Monday, August 02, 2010

Bleakness & Colors

I feel less and less inspired to write about what is going on here in Israel. Often, when I feel like blogging about this or that, some action is undertaken by the Israeli or the Palestinian enemies of reason, or some stupid decision is made by the powers that be which causes me to lose any motivation that I might have. This is only one example of such actions and decisions, here's another. I leave it to others ( click here, or here, for instance ) to express what is also my anger and frustration about the lack of sense and direction of the current government and opposition in this country. I can't blame those foreign and Israeli journalists who in the coming days and weeks will take this excellent opportunity to paint the bleakest possible picture of the Jewish state.
Since I don't really know what I should write ( about ), I post here two pictures that my brother took recently, together with the wife of one of his best friends, who is studying to become a professional photographer. I don't know who made which of the pictures, but I really love the colors on both.


minispace said...

Maak anders zelf eens wat foto's van je omgeving, ben ik wel benieuwd naar.

Bert said...

Ik kan je wel een keer wat foto's opsturen. Die zet ik liever niet online. Ook omdat mijn camera toch echt nog een huis-, tuin- en keukenapparaat is. Help me er aan te herinneren.