Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Face to Face - Yehuda Poliker

One of my favorite songs - Panim el mul Panim, Face to Face - by one of my favorite Israeli artists, Yehuda Poliker. Lyrics - Yaacov Gilad, Music - Yehuda Poliker. I have not really followed the Israeli music scene for a while, but I know that Poliker has brought out a new CD recently. Yesterday, when I went to buy another new CD for my wife's birthday ( she was born on Simhat Thorah, her regular birthday is in October ), I saw the album. I will probably buy it soon, together with the only two other albums of Poliker that I haven't got yet, those two came out a few years ago and contain old material plus some of his most beautiful creations that do not appear on any of the eight Poliker CDs that I already own.

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