Saturday, December 25, 2010

Soehne Mannheims - Und wenn ein Lied...

During my week-long stay in Germany I came to know an exciting German band, called Soehne Mannheims ( The Sons of Mannheim ). One of the songs sung by the choir of the school that hosted the orchestra of my school was Und wenn ein Lied... On the last day of our stay, when we were in Cologne, a friend of mine helped me find an album with a live version of that beautiful song. I bought that double album, which contains two MTV Unplugged concerts, one by the whole band and another by one of its best known frontmen, Xavier Naidoo. The band plays in various spots in Europe in March and November next year, if they were to play somewhere near my place of residence I definitely would make an effort to go and see them. Multiculturalism may have failed in Germany, as Angela Merkel has claimed. The discussion about a Leitkultur is a sensitive one in Germany, as in Holland and elsewhere. All in all I was very glad to discover that Germany appears to be a very open, tolerant, and culturally rich and diverse society, in which people from so many cultural and ethnic backgrounds share one language and various central values, and in which bigotry - of any kind - and narrow-mindedness are totally unacceptable. Xavier Naidoo and his band exemplify that openness. This was my first visit ever to Germany, and I hope many more visits will follow, I really enjoyed my stay there.

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