Thursday, December 09, 2010

Tell me who your friends are (cont.)

Yesterday, on the evening news, I saw a short report on an interesting Chanukkah party here in Israel. The one lighting the candles was Heinz-Christian Strache, the successor of Joerg Haider as leader of the Austrian extreme-right Freedom Party. Another face that I recognized in the small audience was that of Filip Dewinter, the Belgian counterpart of Mr Strache. They were hosted by I don't know which settler organization. One of the Israeli faces that I recognized was that of Elyakim Haetzni, an Israeli extreme-rightwinger and settler-activist. It takes one to appreciate/befriend/cooperate with one, apparently. So what if as far as we Jews are concerned (the followers of) men like Dewinter and Strache have a few grey or black spots in their history? Fascism has many faces, from Austrian neo-nazis, through Belgian populist xenophobes, to Israeli reli-ultra-nationalists. This is much more than just the simple the-enemy-of-my-enemy-is-my-friend line of thought, these men have much more in common than only their hatred towards Muslims and Arabs. PS: You can read more about the visit of the Austrian and Belgian politicians here. It turns out they were invited by an MK of Israel Our Home, which happens to be part of the current governing coalition. As Adar Primor writes, this is all very much "LeTif 'ereth Medinat Yisrael".

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charles said...

Hello Bert ,
Wilders was jaren geleden , gedurende een jaar , een vrijwilliger in een kibbutz . De Wilde heeft , nietegenstaande zijn afstamming , de wens geopperd om hier als officiele gast te worden ontvangen . Hij tracht Antwerpse Joden , door zijn anti muslim uitspraken voor zijn partij te winnen , en sommigen , zeggend dat de vijanden van mijn vijanden , mijn vrienden moeten zijn , zijn er in gelopen . Ik zei altijd dat Joden in Europa van geluk mogen spreken dat er muslims zijn , anders zouden sommigen , of velen , zich tegen ons keren . Zij hebben nu een ander "zwart schaap"