Saturday, January 29, 2011

Recommended Reading ( 10 X )

Although I follow the news on t.v. (mostly the news broadcasts on Israel's commercial channels 10 and 22), I do not have the time and/or patience to read more than just the headlines in the Hebrew dailies. Almost daily I skim through the Israeli websites in English. In the last couple of days I have read the following articles with a more than average interest. The articles appear in random order:
  1. Fania Oz-Salzberger: Fighting for Minority Rights is a Sign of Israel's Strenght
  2. Yoel Marcus: Israel Should Focus on Mideast Peace, not Iran's Nukes
  3. Akiva Eldar: 'You Negotiate Peace with your Enemies, not with your Friends (interview with James Baker, III)
  4. Carlo Strenger: Al Jazeera Leaks - Who Are the Winners and Losers?
  5. Bernard-Henri Levy: One Doesn't Boycott the Only Free Society in the Mideast
  6. Dalia Karpel: Silence, Interrupted
  7. Lena Soffer: The Need to Transcend Victimization
  8. Gadi Taub: Israel's Apartheid Image
  9. Associated Press: Promoter of Electric Cars Sees Global Change
  10. Associated Press: Eichmann Trial Veterans Reunite

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