Saturday, February 12, 2011

Egypt, in the eyes of three Dutch cartoonists

As you can see, the events and developments in (Tunisia and) Egypt have also inspired three of Holland's best cartoonists.

Tom Janssen (America tries to keep pace with the developments - "Down with our Arab allies, or something like that, more or less...")

Tom Janssen (Midden-Oosten = Middle East)
Tom Janssen (Popular New Application)
(Facebook Revolutions)
(Jasmin Revolution Tunisia - "That weed does not belong in our dessert - It is poisonous")
(Add democracy, freedom, Islam, prosperity, more Islam, a pinch of Sharia, more Islam)
Joep Bertrams (Military Support)
(Buzz Off)
Joep Bertrams (Arabische leiders = Arab leaders; aanval = attack)
(Tunesie = Tunisia)

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