Monday, February 14, 2011

Thomas F.'s view on the matter(s)

Although I am a bit more skeptical about Egypt's present and future than Thomas Friedman, an author whose work I admire and love to read, appears to be, I absolutely agree with his analysis of Israel's government in general, and of its attitude towards the recent changes in the region in particular. Just have a look at some of the comments to this article and you'll see how easy it is these days to get disgusted with Israel and with many of its die-hard supporters and apologists.

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Shtrudel said...

Easy to be to get disgusted with Israel?!... I'm rather disgusted with Friedman. He claims Israel will ultimately have no choice but "to make peace with 80 million Egyptians" when a democracy is established in Cairo but the fact is that during the 3 decades of peace between Israel and Egypt it's those very same Egyptians who refuse to have anything to do with Israel.

As Friedman is well aware of this he's just Israel bashing.

As for democracy, an election does not make a democracy. And nobody can claim they know what the future holds.

I REALLY hope Friedman is right and Egypt will turn into a liberal democracy where people have the right to assemble, protest and so forth. Unfortunately I think history will prove Friedman wrong...