Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Dealing with reality

Particularly in the last decade or so, Israel has wasted a lot of diplomatic energy and precious time on efforts to stop or fight things that could not really be stopped or fought. Instead of trying to think creatively - which used to be one of our greatest assets - and to adapt to newly created situations, we are only responding to facts created by others - often our worst enemies, rather than trying to create a reality that suits our goals and interests. But, of course, it is difficult to do the latter if you don't really know or have not yet defined for yourself what your goals and your interests are.

I am not sure if the planned proclamation of a Palestinian state in September is a good thing. Obviously a negotiated peace, with such a state as part of the deal, would be preferable. Still, I think that such a state should be established eventually, and I am sure that it will be established one day, and that the world will recognize that state, and rightly so. Therefore I believe that every minute, shekel, effort spent by Israel at thwarting such a proclamation and creation is wasted, and counterproductive. Which is why I agree with this initiative of Sefi Rachlevsky and others, and with the words of one of its supporters, renowned Holocaust-scholar professor Yehudah Bauer:

"I am speaking from a Zionist standpoint. [...] Zionism sets as its goal the preservation of a Jewish national home with a solid Jewish majority - this was the dream of people from the left, right and center of classical Zionism. But the continuation of the occupation guarantees the nullification of Zionism - that is, it rules out the possibility that the Jewish people will live in its land with a strong majority and international recognition. In my eyes, this makes [Israel's] government clearly anti-Zionist."

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