Sunday, May 08, 2011

Memorial Day

Tonight and tomorrow we remember the men and women who were killed in Israel's wars plus the victims of terror. Since August 2006, during the sound of the sirens at 8 PM and 11 AM on Memorial Day I think of Nimrod Hallel. A far as I am aware, of  all the 22,867 fallen he is the only person whom I have met face to face, and whom I have known personally, albeit superficially. I am also reminded of him whenever I meet his parents, whom I know much better than I knew him. During those two minutes on Memorial Day, and in most cases also when there is an event at school (my children's or the one where I work) that requires the attendance of parents, I think of Nimrod z"l, of his wife, and of their four young children, may they live a long and happy life. May the memory of all the fallen soldiers and of all the victims of terror be blessed.

I post here one of the most moving of the many beautiful Israeli songs that deal with loss and mourning. The late Ehud Manor wrote "A Beautiful Son Was Born" after his brother Yehudah was killed in the War of Attrition, in 1968, my year of birth. Finally the original version of the song, sung by Rivka Zohar, has been posted on Youtube.

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