Monday, June 27, 2011

Just ignore them

I tend to agree with this Haaretz editorial, I think the best thing for Israel to do would be to let the boats pass undisturbed and hardly noticed. That would probably be the biggest possible disappointment for the organizers of the "mashat" (flotilla in Hebrew), with whom I sympathize even less than I sympathize with most members of the current Israeli government. Unfortunately, I trust this government to do once again exactly the wrong thing the wrong way at the wrong time, so I'm holding my breath the coming days.

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Shtrudel said...

The problem isn't THIS flotilla. The problem is that according to international law one of the requirements for the legality of a blockade is that it is "effective".

This means that all ships are prohibited from entering the blockaded area. If Israel were to allow these ships it would have lost its right to apply the blockade to other ships.

Including ships that Israel suspects of carrying armaments...