Friday, July 22, 2011

Economic refugees 2.0

A new kind of economic immigrants is making its way to the Holy Land. Although I welcome them as much as I welcome any oleh or olah and wish them all the best, I seriously doubt these people's Zionist credentials, and I hope that when their children are about to be enlisted to the army these families won't suddenly rediscover the advantages of a US education, Jewish or otherwise. Once, in the good old days, Jews came here because they wanted to live here, take proudly part in the Zionist enterprise, and contribute to that enterprise ( I remember one of those days, in March 1995). I am sure some immigrants still come because of all that, but more and more it seems that most potential immigrants have to be enticed in oh so many ways to come and try their luck here. That says a lot about the attractiveness of Israel, and about the relationship between the Jewish state and Jews in the Diaspora.

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