Tuesday, July 26, 2011

In case you were wondering...

...why it is so difficult today for Israel's PR professionals and for often well-meaning amateurs to sell this country to the world as the only enlightened democracy in the midst of an insane region, and as the David in an unfair war against the evil Arab/Muslim Goliath, here are only four of the oh so many reasons.  I won't go into questions of cause and effect, who is to blame (more) for what, what I think should be done, etc., I simply refer to four news items and articles that say something about Israel today, four examples that I came across without making any effort whatsoever, on a regular weekday: 
  • This sicko is one of the best friends of Israel these days, who even was an official guest in the Knesset recently. 
  • This happens here in 2011.
  • Read comment nr. 4 for this article. It says "There is a law/judgement and there is a Judge", meaning that the youngsters in Utoya were submitted to a divine judgement, and basically had it coming. There are more disgusting comments, but I found this one particularly disturbing. It comment was made by someone who names himself "Sam", from The Land of Israel. He, or she, could easily be living in Sydney, Australia, or Brussels, Belgium, but what is important here is that this person is (or considers him/herself) definitely 'pro-Israel', like Glenn Beck. Tell me who your friends are...
  • One of the most sophisticated responses that our government can come up with in reaction to the 'threat' of a Palestinian declaration of independence and statehood is the possibility of revoking the Oslo accords.

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