Monday, September 26, 2011

Hartman's Truth

While reading this article I found myself nodding in agreement time and again. Some of the main truths (in my opinion, obviously) that I found in rabbi Hartman's article:

  • “They” may truly hate us. But we have not lost the means to navigate nimbly in dangerous waters. We seem to have lost our will. We seem content with expending our efforts to ignore the inevitability of Palestinian statehood and to the convening of Jewish assemblies in which we talk to ourselves and bemoan the injustice.
  • Not only must we have no desire to expand settlements but we must recognize and declare that many of those settlements - in particular those not connected to Jerusalem or located in one of the three settlement blocs - have no future and that Israel’s political, moral and Jewish interests lie in dismantling them.
  • Uncertainty, however, is no excuse for passivity, but the impetus for action. To recognize this is to recognize that while many things are the same, many are not. While our enemies may not have changed, we have. It is time to stop counting all the injustices, enumerating all that which is unfair, telling over and again to anyone who can hear that it is not our fault. It is time for us to take responsibility for our destiny, a destiny not necessarily defined by that which is forced upon us but which will reflect who we want to be.

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