Friday, September 16, 2011

Why blame yourself if you can blame the other?

Israel has plenty of reasons to complain about its neigbors and other fellow-Near/Middle-Eastern countries, peoples, and regimes. Still, it cannot blame only 'the other side(s)', as long as it continues to blatanly ignore international public opinion (including the opinion of what I still see as its true friends) regarding its policies in the West Bank, and as long as $%#@#*# like Uzi Dayan are the country's (semi)official spokespersons. The country's foreign policy - if one can speak of such a thing - has failed for several years in a row, partly because - like its military policies - that policy merely follows our worst enemies' initiatives, and is exclusively focused on blaming everybody but our own failing leaders, rather than on coming up with more and or less new strategies and ideas. Luckily enough I am busy working most of the time, which makes me slightly indifferent to all the dangerous and worrying developments and events. In Haaretz I can read that there still are some voices of reason in this country. Not that too many people appear to be listening, but still... Anyway, shabbat shalom.

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