Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Could anybody please explain... (I)

Could anybody please explain to Shahira Amin that a young man who until a few hours ago was kept, for more than five years, in solitary and sunless confinement by kidnappers of the kind that is known for its throat-slashing techniques rather than for deep-rooted humanitarian values, might feel slightly intimidated and forced into being interviewed when several (comrades/colleagues/lookalikes) of those kidnappers stand behind and around him, fully armed? I felt really sorry for the Egyptian people and for Arabs worldwide when I heard that Shahira Amin is considered a symbol of free journalism and opposition to propaganda in her homecountry and in the Arab world. Just imagine what unfree journalism over there probably looks like. At least it made me appreciate anew the media in Israel, in spite of all their flaws.

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